CB Trails Mountain Biking: Trail 409 and the Point Lookout Trail:expert ride

Information & Conditions: Trail 409 and the Point Lookout Trail:expert ride

Updated 6/14/16

Status: Good to Go!

Current Conditions: June 14th Riding great can now loop back to Wall/Warm Springs

Detailed Description:

Trail 409 is another longer ride that opens up early in the riding season. About 1 1/2 miles of the trail are very rocky and technical, but now all rideable from Cement to Brush Creek, a little walking in reverse unless you are really on it.

Point Lookout starts from 409 and climbs 2 miles to the top of 409.5. New CBMBA trail uilt in 2014.

From town ride south to Cement Creek Road. Continue up Cement Creek Road to Walrod Gulch Road, turn left and ride up, passing one left spur, until you arrive at Trail 418, the Walrod Cutoff Trail, and turn left onto it.

After climbing up Walrod Cutoff Trail 418 from Walrod, you come to a sign that points right to Trail 409. Take it. Continue climbing steadily for a short distance, then climb our newly rerouted and repaired section to avoid private property. Next roll along through the aspens with a few uphills and some challenging rock gardens until you end up in the Farris Creek drainage. Turn left and climb up out of Farris Creek on an old road and drop down to Brush Creek Road, or ride Strand Bonus or Strand for more singletrack which is just a short distance on this old road and right. (Or turn right and ride either Farris Creek or 402 for more rough single-track) Turn left and ride out to Hwy 135. Left here takes you six miles back to Cement Creek Road, right goes two miles back to town.

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