CB Trails Mountain Biking: Snodgrass Trail: Intermediate

Information & Conditions: Snodgrass Trail: Intermediate

Updated 5/31/16

Status: Good to Go!

Detailed Description:

Snodgrass trail is a prime example of the great relationship that the bike community and the ranching community have in this area.This is a trail that is almost completely on private land and is rideable only when the owners say it is rideable (it’s seasonal grazing land for the owners).

From the four way stop at the corner of Elk Avenue and Gothic Road (6th Street), head west on Elk.Turn left on the gravel bike path at the edge of town and follow it to cross the Slate River. Continue up the Rec Path 2.7 miles to where it crosses Gothic Road. Cross carefully and continue up the path, through the town of Mt. Crested Butte, then continue on the road when the Rec Path ends.

At mile 5, there is a parking area and sign for the Snodgrass Trail on the left. Cross the fence (But only if the sign says the trail is OPEN) and climb stiffly up the rough double track to another fence crossing at the top. There’s an optional singletrack about halfway up that cuts off a switchback and makes this climb a little more direct, but you can also stay on the doubletrack to get to the fence.

After this fence crossing, the singlettrack begins. Follow the singletrack up and around the south side of Snodgrass Mountain. Stay left at the signed intersection. The trail is very well worn and easy to follow.

About one mile into the trail you will begin heading down steeply. Be careful here as there is a gate that is sometimes closed! There are signs, compliments of CBMBA, at intersections.

Continue through the aspen and fir forest below, gentle up-and-down riding. Cross another fence, and follow the trail down to Washington Gulch Road.

At this point, you can ride down Washington Gulch Road, which connects with Gothic Road between Crested Butte and Mt. Crested Butte. Or better yet, take a drink of water and ride back the way you came. Snodgrass is a great ride in both directions!

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