CB Trails Mountain Biking: Lower Loop: Beginner and intermediate trails

Information & Conditions: Lower Loop: Beginner and intermediate trails

Updated 6/15/16

Status: Good to Go!

Current Conditions: July 15 - She done went and dried up! Both Upper Lower and Lower Lower riding much better and the water issues are dried up.

Detailed Description:

Begin from town to enjoy this special trail. From the start you have a number of options:

Your first options is to follow Butte Avenue out of town. Take the singletrack on the left, just after the last house on Butte. Follow this single track out, along a fence and next to a house, staying right at any intersections, and then parallel the road to Peanut Mine, up on the hillside in the wildflowers. Follow this to its end at Peanut Mine to join up with the "official" Lower Loop trail. Or just ride out the road if you prefer.

Please keep your speed in check and be courteous, this section can be quite busy. Right before the end of this old RR grade singletrack is the Budd Trail on the left. It is more challenging than the other Lower Loop Trails, ride it from the other end if you need a little warmup. The Budd Trail rejoins the Upper Lower and has great views.

Another option is to ride up to the end of Elk Avenue and the dirt road on the left, or Whiterock, to join the Kebler Pass Road. Just after the first intersection on Kebler(Treasury Hill Road) on the right, you’ll see a turnout and trailhead on the right. Take the path that forks left. This will lead you through the Woods Walk on some nice singletrack, and join the first variation near a couple houses.

There’s a gate at the obvious entrace to Peanut Mine. Go throught the gate, and stay on the road through the mine. After you reach a second gate on the road look for two trails on the right. Left is wider and easier, and right is narrow singletrack. Both end in the same place. The trails wind through the woods on a very easy grade. At the next intersection, either climb up to upper Lower Loop (left) or continue on the lower Lower Loop (right.) The KB connector (more faint and in between the other two) is a fun smooth singletrack that rejoins the Lower Lower.
These trails cross Gunsight Bridge Road and turn into the GB Loop (or boyscout trail,) then return making a loop. It is fun either direction.

All these trails in reverse order are also lots of fun!

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