CB Trails Mountain Biking: Cement Creek Trail:easier intermediate ride

Information & Conditions: Cement Creek Trail:easier intermediate ride

Updated 5/26/16

Status: Good to Go!

Current Conditions: Lower and Upper Cement Creek trail are riding great!

Detailed Description:

The new section of the Lower Cement Creek Trail is fantastic! It starts across from the Cement Creek Campground and rolls down to Walrod Gulch and the older section. A Great way to get off the road, too. The upper section is fairly new as well but getting smoother every year. It starts 1.4 miles past the Deadman's Parking area on the left, right by the switchback and big culvert over Cement Creek. Fun as an out and back or to loop with Waterfall Creek Cutoff or Hunter Creek Trail. Waterfall Creek Cutoff is located at the top of the Walrod Gulch Trail. Instead of going left at the sign to 405.2A Walrod Spur and on toward 409 1/2, ride straight ahead and then climb right up a steep hill on 405.3A (unsigned.) At the top do not go left and up steeply on a faint trail, or right on the most used singletrack, but straight ahead through the grassy meadow. The trail will start to appear in the trees. It has been signed, however some of the signs that denote nonmotorized trails in Cement Creek have been getting cut down by vandals. I.e., it may not be there. Follow this to a T intersection, go up the steep trail for about 20 feet, then turn right and climb over a pile of logs. the Waterfall Creek cutoff trail continues to Waterfall Creek Trail. Turn right and descend to the Cement Creek Trail where right gets you back to Walrod Gulch.

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